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Easy Exit Listing

Did you know…you can list your property with us and still sell your own home?


Many “For Sale By Owner” sellers think that listing their property with a real estate agent locks them into an obligation to work with that agent. And they are right unless they are working with us.


Our Easy Exit Listing Agreement

puts your home in front of 100s of buyers weekly

and lets you cancel anytime, without obligation.


The fact is, we list many “For Sale By Owner” homes on our system because it benefits everyone involved:


  • You get improved exposure for your property, increasing the chance that an interested buyer will come knocking at your door.

  • Our buyers get another home to consider that might not have been listed on my system otherwise.

  • We benefit by possibly earning a commission if one of our buyers purchases your home. Otherwise, you owe us nothing.


You can still sell your home on your own. You can list with us as long as you like. You can change your listing at any time – or even remove it – no obligation, no risk, for FREE!


It’s easy. Give us a call, we’ll list your property and see what happens. Terms & Conditions apply.

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