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KeyLink Offer Instructions

All offers must include loan approval letters from the source funding the loan. All offers must also include written evidence of sufficient cash available to close the transaction if it is a cash offer.

*** This is an REO property and is being sold "As-Is" without Seller Disclosures ***


Commissions:  The commission shall be deemed earned and payable to the Listing Broker upon the sale of the Property, funding, and title being transferred. Listing Broker shall be responsible for payment of commissions to any third party agent with whom the listing broker enters into a co-broker relationship. All commissions are calculated on the sales price, minus any sellers concessions and shall be shared as follows:
        Buyers Agent  will receive 2.5 % or $1000, whichever is greater**


 ***Special information regarding your offer (IMPORTANT‐please read)*** 

 Please add the following items to "Special Stipulations: (copy and paste from below)

"The listing broker may unknowingly list, and the selling broker may unknowingly show, properties that contain mold. Molds are a type of fungus, some of which may potentially cause harm to humans. The brokers are not experts, with regards to mold, the existence of mold, or the health effects of mold exposure. Accordingly, it is the sole responsibility of the buyer, to retain appropriate professionals, to inspect any property that the buyer may purchase, to determine the presence of any mold." 



"The sale of the property is made strictly "AS‐IS". Neither the seller nor seller's agents have made any warranties or representations as to the condition of the property. Seller has made no warranties as to the existence or absence of lead‐based paint, or any other environmental hazard, which may exist, with regard to the property." 



Minimum Earnest Money Deposit:  All purchase agreements must be accompanied by a minimum earnest deposit equal to the greater of 2% of the gross sales price or $1,000, whichever is greater. Please ask your buyer to make earnest money payable to Cox Brokers, LLC, in CERTIFIED FUNDS. 


Special Warranty Deed:  Property shall be conveyed by Special Warranty Deed or its local equivalent without exception.


Please be aware it may take 7-10 days before we receive a response from the seller. You will be contacted as soon as possible.


Use the appropriate link below to submit an offer.


9300 Riverclub Pkwy Duluth GA 30097 

1416 Columbia Dr Decatur GA 30032  (Sold!)

335 2nd Ave Decatur GA 30030  (Sold!)

Thank you very much for submitting an offer on one of our properties! We will work very hard, alongside our clients, to provide you with the best possible service. We wish to ensure an extremely enjoyable experience and to provide a great property for your client. 

Best Regards, 

Carl Cox


Cox Brokers, LLC

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