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Smart Seller

Below are some KEY points about our “Smart Seller” program.


  • The listing is FREE. All you need to do is agree.

  • You can cancel or change the listing at any time. No obligation.

  • If you sell your home to a buyer you find, we salute you! You pay us nothing.

  • If we find a buyer for you – and they buy – you pay our commission.


It’s that simple. And, by the way, if we work this way, our commission may well be less than what we normally ask. It all depends on when the home sells, who sells it and whether or not we sell your next home. If you sell it, there’s no commission at all.


Interested? Call us! It really is as simple as described above.


Selling your home on your own is tough enough. And, we already have buyers who are asking. Let’s talk!


NOTE: This program is subject to change at any time without notice at the sole discretion of Cox Brokers, LLC. Terms and Conditions apply.

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